Hacked By Legion BOmb3r

Hacked By Legion BOmb3r


 (Sample surveys/ Census, Socio-economic, Population & Development Research)

  1. Sample Survey Research Planning and Design
  2. Surveys Questionnaire Designs
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  4. Survey Manuals Design
  5. Conduct Data Collection Field Operation Trainings
  6. Field Enumeration and Operations
  7. Data quality Assurance
  8. Electronic Data Processing
  9. Data Quality Assurance, Data Coding
  10. Data Tabulations
  11. Data Analysis and Reports
  12. GIS Mapping and Frame Development for Survey/Census

Preparation of Socio Economic Indicators

  1. Demographic and Development Indicators
  2. Health Indicators
  3. Education
  4. Agriculture
  5. Poverty
  6. Labor and Employment
  7. Demography
  8. Population and Socio-economic estimates and projections


(Will tailor data/information as per users’ requirement)

Data users spend a lot of their valuable time searching for minor urgent data requirements. We in DhodTer Rigtsel will tailor out data tables from various sources to meet users’ needs and deliver through our DVS counter suitable to needs. Users can place their request for such data at our DVS counter. Request could also be made through our website.

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