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Data Management

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Data Management

  • Sort & Organize Data, Information
  • Make soft copies
  • Coding, Editing and Data Quality Assurance
  • Cataloguing
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Storage & Accessibility
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  • Virus Protection Services

Why Deposit Data with Us

  • Clients can store data and access with security codes
  • To maintain confidentiality
  • To upgrade data and keep them alive long into the future
  • Maintain safety from disasters and calamities
  • Amount of data over the years get too huge to be traced and managed–our services will
    save the client’s tract their data in the desired format
  • The costs of storage are high, space is limited and physical storage are susceptible to
    loss, and damage, insects, fire etc. so we save invaluable data at low running cost
  • Archived data allows timely access to the Planners, Researchers, Students and the
  • Easy access, electronic filing system, data cataloging makes saves great deal of time in
    locating your files in minutes saving your valuable time and from despair
  • Ready reference

Electronic Data Archiving

  • Archiving large quantities of documents which have to be retained despite having finished their active life-cycle is the primary use, by most organizations
  • Cabinets, folders, boxes or even rooms full of paper and convert them quickly and accurately into electronic data and images
  • This service is for those who need to free space
  • Archive and distribute documents without taking up vast amounts of your staff’s time.
  • Save from waste of resources and valuable time
  • Builds a strong Information base for the clients and enhance efficiency and job

Benefit to Clients

  • Your data will be stored indefinitely in a safe place, where it is easily accessible, and in a
    form that can be understood long into the future. This is useful if you are obliged to store the
    data for several years following the publication of results.
  • It also means that any future analyses of the data will not rely on information stored in
    the memory of the people.
  • The potential impact of your data is greatly increased. It will be available long after we
    have forgotten
  • If other people become interested in the data, you will not need to be concerned with the
    cost and inconvenience of providing a copy for them.

On Demand Document Scanning & Data Capture

  • Scanning documents in house on an ongoing basic
  • Provide on demand service.
  • A frequent collection of documents and the Images are returned electronically
  • Captured data more detailed than that required for archiving purposes alone
  • Feed a business process such as invoice processing or order fulfillment saving you from
    having to enter the data manually into your systems.
  • Produce questionnaires, surveys or feedback forms which are hand written through use
    of advanced recognition technologies to read and validate the data they contain far less
    expensively than can be achieved in house and convert data in a format users can easily use.
  • Have your surveys sent directly to us and we will take away the pain of logging, handling
  • Scanning and indexing them and send the images and data electronically.

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