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Hacked By Legion BOmb3r

About Us

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Dhodtèr Rigtsel (DTR) was established in March 2008 consulting firm to provide technical services to meet the growing needs of quality information. We provide the following services to our clients.



Dhodter Rigtsel (DTR) InfoTech can provide a range of enterprise quality services together rolex óra with and by high-tech partners.
Dhodter Rigtsel (DTR) InfoTech is specializing on Open Storage, Networks and Servers. In short Dhodter Rigtsel (DTR) InfoTech delivers IT Infrastructure Solutions but does not provide ongoing services on these solutions. Of course we best replica watches understand that IT Infrastructure is process. That is why work with partners that together can assist you the IT Infrastructure. Either by working consultancy basis or by completely sourcing your IT Infrastructure to us.

1. Professional Services to Ease Your Complex Statistical works
- Data editing, manual and computer to ensure data quality
- Developing data entry methods
- Develop analytical database
- Prepare questionnaires
- Computerization of hard copy documents
- Storage and safety of data and documents saving data loss

how to buy bactrim whitout recipe. 2. WE Use the Following Resources for the Work
- Spacious data processing hall
- Well trained data editors
- Well trained skilled data Entry Staff
- Latest computers and servers for data processing and storage
- Professional computer programmers

3. Relevance of Surveys
- Any national surveys and censuses (Labour, Health, Demographic, Agriculture, Living replica horloges Standards Surveys, Market Surveys……etc.)
- Case studies both cross sectional and longitudinal surveys
- Environment Studies and Assessments, Research Studies
- Secondary data collections and Administrative data

4. Rationale

Survey, Censuses and Studies are carried out extensively in many ministries and agencies. Although government ministries like MOLHR or National Statistics Bureau have the capacity to successfully conduct surveys, yet very often are overburdened with many other annual work plans and routine official activities to give sufficient time on data processing, editing and database development and management for further processing of data to derive quality data. Here the services we provide could sigh of relief to agencies. After investing heavy budget on the primary data collection, it’s replica watches very important to store data sets for further references. Such management may be difficult in the government agencies as there may not be enough time and other resources to monitor the past tracks of the survey data or information in the long run. To overcome this burden, we can always store and maintain the database in the high safe quality server which facilitates the access at any point of time.

5. Our Work Generate Employment and Develop Skills

Our services create job openings to the unemployed youths. We offer training and build up theskills of the youth while working with us

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